Chef's Suggestions

Whether you prefer a seated dinner or a buffet, as a Personal Chef I will listen to your needs and together we will create a personalized menu based on your preferences. 
These are just examples of menus I can offer but, everything will be in line with your tastes and those of your guests!

BBQ Outside

News starting from October 2019

BBQ Live

BBQ indoor and outdoor – Min. 20 people

In the intimacy of your kitchen, on the terrace, in the garden, with your family or friends, treat yourself to our barbecue. From the pleasant and space-saving design, it will be a pleasure to look at and on the palate, for all seasons. Beauty or bad weather will not be a problem, our BBQ is special!

Where did we last use it – in a theatre for refreshments, no smell.

Meat, fish, vegetables or fruit? The BBQ is served!


Buffet Service – Min 10 people

For any occasion, ask for the buffet service, choosing between table service or passing.

You can choose from the following thematic islands:

Casaro Island with its dairy products.
Fisherman’s Island with its fish products.
Peasant Island with excellent Tuscan cured meats.
Fried Island with its tempure.
Island of raw meat and fish.
Oven corner with its ancient grain bread.

The menu consists of:
– A first course of your choice.
– A second choice.
– Alternatively, to the first or second try the “BBQ Live”
– Cake on reservation


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